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on the Market since April 2020.

Optimize your discord experience for affordable prices with our Nitro & Boosting services.

Meet The Xero

Group of Successful Discord users, providing extraordinary services on the platform. We're offering Lifetime Nitro, yes Lifetime! This implies you will receive a monthly subscription for a fraction of the price, for an unlimited amount of time, or as long as the service is running which is forever since the service is 100% automated. We're offering 2 Years of Coverage for your first-time purchase with us! This means if we choose to stop running our service during your coverage, we'll offer an 80% partial refund.

The Team

CEO - Founder


Why choose us?


We've collected loyal customers along the way, and it's safe to say we're one of the best providers today, with 100+ Positive and 0 Negative Reviews!

24/7 Support

We're always here to help, if you wish to purchase in bulk or need support, create a ticket on our Discord Server.


Our prices and quality are outmatched, making us one if not the best provider today.


Evolve your nitro badges as you progress through time, with our one-time purchase service.


Invite your friends! Each referral is a 15% off discount for the license. Every Customer will be able to socialize on the Lounge and Voice Channel, we're Level 3 Unlocked.


It's not in your budget to purchase from us? Look no further, from time to time we host giveaways for our members!


Lifetime Nitro

$ 24,99

One-Time Payment


Lifetime Nitro

$ 49,99

One-Time Payment

Level 2 Unlocked Server Boosts

$ 9,99

Billed Monthly


Level 3 Unlocked Server Boosts

$ 14,99

Billed Monthly